From the very beginning, LONGS has been working with several industrial Companies and Institutes in researching, developing, manufacturing LED lighting products, including LED bulb, LED strip light, LED spot light, LED panel light, LED ceiling light, LED PAR light etc.

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   LONGS Optoelectronics Company Limited is an enterprise with professional and innovative teams, specializing in Design, R&D, Production, Sales and Marketing of LED lightings and LED related products. We manage to use the most advanced LED packaging equipments and the best materials, combining with the latest packaging technology to provide our customers with high-quality, high reliability, high-brightness, high-power and customer-satisfying LED products. 

   Since LONGS’ inception, we have been collabrating with Universities and partners to design, develop and manufacture a series of energy-saving LED products, comprising of LED Bulb, LED Tube light, LED Down Light, LED Spot Light, LED panel Light, LED Ceiling Light, High Bay Light and PAR Light etc.

   At LONGS, quality is not just a word, but a company philosophy. We strive to be ahead of our competitors by offering the most updated designs and high-quality products, aiming at bulding our own brand.  By working with a number of well-known institutions at the high-tech research and development, we not only invest a lot in R&D, but also put the research results into production very timely. We are seeking patents for our new-developed products and packaging technology.                                                 

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LONGS Optoeletronics Company Limited

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